Innovative-IDM Does the Harlem Shake

It’s a Harlem Shake Showdown – Dallas vs. Houston!  Vote here for your favorite Innovative-IDM Harlem Shake video!



Houston Take 2


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13 Comments on “Innovative-IDM Does the Harlem Shake”

  1. Annoymous Says:

    Houston did alright but I have to say,this should be called the Dallas Shake cuz Dallas sure did rock it and knock it right out of the ballpark! I gotta give it to Dallas! Whoever had the idea to do a competition between Dallas and Houston is pretty awesome and totally legendary! Such a great idea! Seems like a great way to bond with the business. Go Innovative-IDM!

  2. G2 Says:

    Nice job to both Houston and Dallas. I have to go with H-Town as well!

  3. jeff Smith Says:

    My vote goes to Houston. I especially like the Flasher in an Arc Flash zoot suit

  4. Great job Dallas! That was awesome!

  5. Gene Gray Says:

    Those were awesome! I loved the way Houston’s started off like a big meeting. If we can get the two camera’s stuff spliced we might get a Youtube posting to go viral! ….and Yip! My vote goes to H-Town!

  6. Jessica Bass Says:

    I vote Houston!!! Goooooooo Mahoney!!!! 🙂

  7. Jesse Simental Says:

    whoa!!! great job H-TOWN!!! you guys know how to do it right

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My vote is Houston as well.

  9. brianaad Says:

    My vote is Houston. Nice ink, Sam (shout out)!!!

  10. Todd Mueller Says:

    I vote for Houston. Great job on both videos.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    My vote – Houston, you guys really know how to shake it.

  12. Cyrus Jahani Says:

    I gotta give it to Houston!!

  13. Michael Mueller Says:

    Houston Takes it on that one!

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