Energy Can Neither Be Created or Destroyed

And then there were four…four women who I dearly love: my three amazing sisters, Nikki, Billie and Jacque and my best friend, the love of my life, Tammy. (Did you know my Mom attended Innovative’s first Fire Walk in 2008? Here’s her pic)

If energy can neither be created nor destroyed then there’s a bright spot out there somewhere tonight. You see, my mother passed away today. To say I’ll miss her is an understatement.

To live the life she lived, to overcome the challenges she faced took tremendous energy. Energy disguised as determination, drive, spirit and heart. Living the life she was dealt while raising my wonderful sisters gives an example to anyone who feels life is hard, too tough, too much…to never give up, never quit. I mean did you know my sisters and me as kids! Good lord she was a hell of a woman!

Did you know she was told to abort me as a fetus because the risk to her own live was too high…she had uterine cancer at the time. Glad she made that call. J

She cared for all, took in many and raised some really compassionate, caring and productive children. She was the whole package, the full meal deal….biggie sized!

She’s in a better place with the love of her life, my Dad, watching over us tonight. And knowing her she doesn’t want us to fret too much. Sure she wants to know she’s missed, but she wants us all to embrace our future, our lives tomorrow, our lives together.

So Mom, here’s to living forward, letting the past be behind us and our best in front of us.

Can’t help but think about that energy…it came from somewhere and has gone somewhere else. So from the Venus Turner clan I’ll say for all of us….Thanks….and you’re welcome.

Praise God!


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