Breaker Breaker: October Facial Hair Challenge!

Week Three:  Trucker ‘Stache

Congratulations to Cyrus – winner of “Best Beard” for Week Two of the October Facial Hair Challenge!  Ty gets an honorable mention for coming in second.

The competition went full throttle for Week Three with the Trucker ‘Stache, or the “Fu Manchu.”  It’s going to be a tough choice this week, folks.  These contenders are in it to win it!

October Facial Hair Challenge Week 3

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15 Comments on “Breaker Breaker: October Facial Hair Challenge!”

  1. I’m going with David on this one. The picture is priceless. Although Jeff gave it his all…

  2. Lance Cobb Says:

    LOL! This is Greeeeeaaaaaat! Way to go David! I have to go with David…although runner up would be “Wild man” Jeff looks like he drives some “mean trucks”. Lol!


  3. Jason Scott Says:

    Gotta go with David on this one!

  4. Daniel Says:

    Gotta go with Dale on this one.

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Pizzle Says:

    Jeff….Dude…what did you do to your dome? David, mixin’ in a li’l Just for Men???? Sam…. Village people look ain’t gonna get it…..
    gotta go with the instigator here-Michael gets my vote

  7. These are awesome! I gotta go with David. He’s about to say, “Breaker 1-9”!!! Sam…oh, my! Great job fellas!

  8. ringmaster12 Says:

    Wow! Some really good contenders. I’ve got to go with David.

  9. Cyrus Jahani Says:

    I have to give it up to Jeff Coyne. That takes true commitment!!

  10. How can you NOT vote for Jeff. ….Easy. I vote for Grassa. But Jeff, you are hardcore, dude. HARDCORE.

  11. Gene Gray Says:

    I have to go with David on this. Holy cow those are some good pics. David’s in a truck, complete with trucker hat and aviators! Saweet. 🙂

  12. Todd Mueller Says:

    No doubt I have to go with Jeff Coyne. That is true dedication. There are some really good ones.

  13. brianaad Says:

    OMG did Jeff really shave the top of his head for the bit?!?!? It’s a tough call for me between David and Sam…eenie meenie miny…David Adams!!

  14. Gina Says:

    I vote David!!!!!!! True Trucker STYLE!!!!!

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