Triple Crown for Cabrera

In my former life, I played around with baseball cards for a living. So I feel compelled to give a tip of the cap to Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera, the first player to lead his league in batting average, HRs and RBI since 1967. Cabrera is the 10th player to accomplish the Triple Crown since RBI became an official stat in 1920. Ted Williams and Rogers Hornsby did it twice.

I once did research revealing that no Triple Crown winner ever played a single inning of a Triple Crown season on artificial turf, which is a distinct advantage to singles specialists. Now, with ballparks going back to grass and with less games on fast artificial turf, slap hitters lose some of their batting average advantage. Thus, Cabrera’s .331 was good enough for a batting crown. In the days of Rod Carew, Pete Rose, Tony Gwynn, George Brett, Wade Boggs, Ichiro — let’s see, I’ve spanned about four decades — a guy would have to top .350 to win the batting crown, something not likely for an RBI or HR leader. No wonder it took 46 seasons. We just had to get back to mostly playing on real grass.

Lots have been written about this feat, and lots more will be said about it as Detroit moves on through the playoffs.  While this has nothing to do with factory automation, Cabrera was about the closest thing in baseball to automatic in 2012. -ph

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One Comment on “Triple Crown for Cabrera”

  1. You say it has nothing to do with factory automation, I picture a day in the not so distant future when Yaskawa Motoman robots are out there on the field.

    Nice, entertaining read, thanks Pepper!!

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