Buzzard Baby?

So, this morning my desk phone rings. It’s Britt calling. She asks if she can take Buzz home today in case she goes into labor this weekend. Britt is sick, twisted, warped and Innovative-IDM blue, through and through. Good luck Britt. And Buzz . . . hang on buddy.

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5 Comments on “Buzzard Baby?”

  1. Pizzle Says:

    Baby Buzz?? Britt! what have you and Buzz been up to?

  2. Mark Wofford Says:

    C’mon Britt, only 26 days to Halloween 🙂

  3. thehunter672010 Says:

    oh that poor doctor 😉 jk Britt! Give em hell!

  4. brianaad Says:

    Ask Luke if he can wait another week. We still have work to do! LOL

  5. Go get em Britt!! Wishing you and your husband all the best with your lil Rock Star!

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