Hey, I Just Met You. . .

. . . and this is craaaazy,
but here’s our number,
so call us, maybe?


carly rae jepsen

Call Innovative . . . maybe?

We have all heard that horribly awesome song. It plays and we think ‘oh man’, but by the end we are secretly yelling at the top of our lungs with our windows rolled up. It’s funny how it expresses exactly how companies work together, a lot like dating.

One company, like Innvoative-IDM, calls on another company with the hopes of a return ‘HEYYYYYY!’.  Sometimes they get lucky and a beautiful relationship starts, or sometimes they just don’t mesh well together.

So what makes it WORK? That feeling, that BUZZ that’s created when a date goes JUST right! On the date, you feel like the person will always be there for you, that they have so much to offer and take care of your needs.  You laugh, you have that one awkward silence, you have so many questions but by the end of the date…a good date…wait, scratch that…a LEGENDARY date…you just want more and more because you know you found that someone who just fits!

I’m not much for words or metaphors and all, but I know that we strive to create that buzz in your world.  So hey, go on a date with Innovative-IDM and try us out.  If you don’t like us and we aren’t creating that BUZZ for you, our feelings will only be slightly hurt 😉 but as long as you are happy, that is all that matters to us.

Cheers and have a wonderful rest of the week!    -The Hunter-

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4 Comments on “Hey, I Just Met You. . .”

  1. Unfortunately, it was this version from the Harvard baseball team, 16 million views later. MAKE IT STOP>

  2. brianaad Says:

    Weren’t you just listening to this song a few minutes ago. 😛

  3. thehunter672010 Says:

    not as bad as “this is the song that never ends…it just goes on and on my friends…”

  4. Dude, this song is in my head now. MAKE IT STOP!!!!

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