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Buzz Welcomes Marc Phelps to Innovative-IDM

August 29, 2012

Join Buzz in welcoming Marc Phelps, our newest Field Service Technician in Memphis!  Marc joins Innovative-IDM after 21 years with the U.S. Navy as a Senior Chief Petty Officer.  He grew up in Henderson, TX and has a bachelors degree in Industrial Technology from Excelsior College.  In his spare time, Marc enjoys jeeping, disc golf and building computers.

Buzz welcomes Marc Phelps to Innovative-IDM

How to Choose a Repair Service for Your Industrial Electronics

August 24, 2012

Make sure your repair service offers free estimates, no evaluation fee and turnaround times that suit your needs. In fact, we’ve even got a free guide to repair services you should check out.

How to Choose a Repair Service for Your Industrial Electronics from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

Reason #2,841 to Work at Innovative-IDM: Press Your Luck. No Whammys!

August 23, 2012

Drink Machine in Dallas has a special flavor called “Press Your Luck.” Diet and regular versions are available. You never know what flavor you might get. Remember, No Whammy’s! So far, nobody has learned Drink Machine’s algorithms like this guy.

What Do I-IDM Houston and Wittenstein Have in Common?

August 22, 2012

A new RaceWay gas station and convenience store recently opened in a shared parking lot with our Houston office. One of the perks of the construction was a new “retaining pool” behind the RaceWay. I couldn’t help but think of the resemblance between Innovative-IDM Houston (middle photo) and Wittenstein’s US HQ in Bartlett, Ill. (Top photo). I guess the main difference is there is water in Wittenstein’s pond. And without water, I guess our pond is really just a ditch.

The dramatic photo at the bottom shows thirsty Innovative-IDM employees stampeding the RaceWay on opening day. That’s Houston operations manager Charles Manning with the nonchalant look of hands in pockets as he sashays toward the door, trying not to draw attention to himself. But don’t let that conservative approach fool you; seconds later, he had recklessly squandered $1.49 of his family’s savings on a Crush drink.

Parker’s New Acuator Now with 10-Day Lead Time

August 21, 2012

Parker evidently is stepping it up on the turnaround time for its newest actuators. The total specs are here, but 10-day lead time is excellent and much appreciated by all of us here and Innovative-IDM and our customers.

The Parker OSPE..B belt driven linear actuator is a cost effective solution designed for light to medium industrial applications requiring high speeds and long travels. The OSPE..B comes standard with an internal slider bearing guide, and is part of the Origa System Plus family, a family well known for high performance, high quality and low cost of ownership.

  • 3 bore sizes available: 25, 32 and 50
  • Max normal load = 850 N (190 lbs)
  • Standard travel up to 5 meters
  • ±0.05 mm/m bidirectional repeatability
  • Internal slider bearing guide standard
  • Externally attached bearing options for higher loads and moments
  • IP54 strip seal

C. W. Post Cereal Factory Grain Supply

August 17, 2012

Innovative’s Tim Mueller is driving to Lubbock, Texas, today. Has an appointment out there today. On they way, he snapped this photo in Post, Texas. Post, situated above the caprock, was the source of grain to the cereal factories in Michigan beginning in the early part of the 20th Century. BTW, did you know US 84 runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, including stops in Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo and Blair?

600HP AC Drive and 108 degrees in the shade: Welcome to Field Service

August 16, 2012

Last week, one of our field service technicians spent seven days working in an oil/gas field site in BFEgypt. Actually, it was near Midland, Texas 90 miles away from the nearest town, and the temperature was between 102 and 108 each of the days Donald Poehl was on the job. “But it was a dry heat,” says Poehl. That’s a 600HP Yaskawa/Omron drive in that enclosure that Poehl is working on. If you are down, we can fix it. Our field service is nationwide and 24/7.

Who Let the Smoke Out?

August 15, 2012

It’s not always this easy for our electronics repairs technicians.

Magic Smoke in an AC Drive from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

A tale of donuts, a customer, and a grateful salesman

August 10, 2012

Today, we commemorated the 100,000th donut delivered by Innovative-IDM to MultiCam with a customer appreciation event. That’s nearly 500 donuts waiting for hungry employees — hey, it’s Friday, it’s payday AND free donuts. Life is great, right?!

Innovative-IDM is grateful for its business partnership with MultiCam. Which brings to mind one of my favorite factory automation bedtime stories . . .

Once upon a time, oh about 12 years ago, there was a company just getting started in the automation and controls parts distribution business. And there was a salesman.

The company needed customers, and the salesman found a customer who believed in him and his upstart company. The salesman was grateful for that customer’s confidence, so he thanked the customer sincerely by bringing donuts by one Friday morning. The next Friday, he brought donuts again. And for the next several weeks, months and years, this same salesman brought donuts every Friday morning for his customer, because it was gratitude he had, and the customer’s confidence he depended on.

Twelve and one-half years later, the donuts have been delivered to MultiCam, rain or shine, bear or bull market, orders up or down, every Friday morning. That first salesman was Innovative-IDM president Gene Gray (shaking hands with Multicam president Kris Hanchette below). — ph

Buzz Welcomes Jennifer Minier to Innovative-IDM

August 9, 2012

Join Buzz in welcoming Jennifer Minier to Innovative-IDM!  Jennifer joined Innovative in late July after 4½ years as a customer care representative with U-Haul in Houston.  In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys reading, watching street racing, and riding her motorcycle.

Buzz Welcomes Jennifer Minier to Innovative-IDM


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