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Buzz Welcomes Trevor Sisco to Innovative-IDM!

June 28, 2012

Trevor joins Innovative-IDM after 3 years with Outback Steakhouse in Tulsa and 1.5 years with AquaMarine in Milford, Michigan.  He grew up in Northern Oakland County in Rose Township, Mi. and earned his bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University in Business Marketing with a minor in Hebrew.  In his spare time, Trevor enjoys foreign exchange trading, hockey and golf.

Buzz Welcomes Trevor Sisco to Innovative-IDM

Buzz Welcomes David Holmes to Innovative-IDM!

June 25, 2012

David joins Innovative-IDM after serving in the U.S. Marines; he also spent 4 years with Boone Exploration in Huntsville, Texas.  His background includes MOS training in the Marines and he is working toward his degree in Electronic Engineering at Lone Star College.  David’s interests include electronics and robots.

Buzz welcomes David Holmes to Innovative-IDM!

Contract Manufacturing

June 24, 2012

Run out of time or expertise? We can help with our contract manufacturing group. Save time and money. Let us build your project whether it’s a control panel or an extruded aluminum project.

Buzz Welcomes Edwin Catalan to Innovative-IDM!

June 21, 2012

Edwin joins Innovative-IDM after a year at Champion Ford in Houston.  He grew up in the downtown area of Houston and has an associates degree in Computer Electronics Engineering from ITT Technical Institute.  In his spare time, Edwin enjoys working out at the gym, reading and playing video games.

Buzz Welcomes Edwin Catalan to Innovative-IDM!

Buzz Welcomes Dave Oliver to Innovative-IDM!

June 20, 2012

Dave joins Innovative-IDM after 1-1/2 years with Advanced Technology Services and 5-1/2 years with Alcoa CSI in Mississippi.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, a certificate in the Essentials of Project Management and is a licensed journeyman electrician.  Dave enjoys bow hunting, fishing and camping – anything outdoors.  He grows ghost peppers and shares them with anyone brave enough to eat them.

Buzz welcomes Dave Oliver to Innovative-IDM!


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Innovative-IDM: Great People to Work With

June 19, 2012

Lots of new faces here. Maybe this is why.

Buzz Welcomes Kate Allen to Innovative-IDM

June 13, 2012

Join Buzz in welcoming Kate Allen to Innovative-IDM!  Kate joins Innovative-IDM after 3 years with Multiview in Irving, Texas and 4 years with Brinker International in Dallas.  She grew up in New Orleans and Duncanville, Texas and earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington.  In her spare time, Kate enjoys skydiving, playing volleyball and taking her Doberman, Finnigan, out to the dog park.

Buzz Welcomes Kate Allen to Innovative-IDM

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Trip to Panhandle with Jason

June 12, 2012

Jason Scott took me to the Texas Panhandle on a recent outing. We visited the Cadillac Ranch and The Big Texan Steak House.


Reason #762b to Work at Innovative-IDM: Method Acting Auditions

June 8, 2012

I saw David in the warehouse today. He was trying to fit 10 pounds of parts into a 5-pound box. I asked him to “look frustrated.” I’ll continue to audition David in coming weeks for other emotions on command.



June 6, 2012

The Great Invasion of Europe, 68 years ago this morning.