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Michael Mueller Thrashin’ Out

January 16, 2012

Well, this was a few years ago, but always worth another look. Innovative-IDM‘s Dallas customer service manager, in a former life.

Buzz Flies West for the Holidays

January 12, 2012

Buzz wanted to go somewhere warm for the holidays, so he tagged along with Innovative-IDM‘s accounting wiz Katy Shields on her vacation to sunny California.  His favorite part was the trip to Disneyland – check out the picture from Space Mountain!

Dressing for Success at Innovative-IDM

January 12, 2012

Yesterday marked the first Executive Wednesday here at the Innovative-IDM Dallas office.  On most days the dress code is business casual, but yesterday we stepped it up a notch with suits and ties.  Looking good guys and gals!

Clean Suit at Texas Instruments, Home of Jack Kilby

January 11, 2012

Jeff Rodgers was visiting our friends over at Texas Instruments today — the very site where Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit — and had to dress the part.

Bad Luck on Friday the 13th Means Good Luck for Your Industrial Electronics Repairs

January 11, 2012


The Friday is Friday the 13th. You think you got bad luck dealing with industrial electronic repairs? Your luck JUST CHANGED.

One again, we are running a Friday the 13th Bad Luck Stimulus Package on electronic component repairs through Jan 13. The first Lucky 7 customers who call us at 800.237.3278 to book a repair will receive a giant — and we mean ginormous — BAD LUCK BLACK golf umbrella to keep the sky from falling on their heads.

We fix broken servos, overheated AC or DC drives, fried circuit boards, and fritzed touch screens. You can even look up the price of the repair online before you send in the part.

Stop what you’re doing. Pick up the phone (or email and schedule a free pickup. There is no evaluation charge. 800.237.3278

Honduras Trip for Innovative-IDM’s IT Director Spells Help for Less Fortunate

January 10, 2012

Our IT Director will have no email, no cell phone and no communication for a week. It’s not because we are “down” here at Innovative-IDM; it’s because Ken Skillett will be in Honduras on a humanitarian mission trip. Ken will be helping build housing for those who have none. We are hoping Buzz will make the trip with Ken. Circle marks the spot where Ken will go.

For those interested in such things, the capital city of Tegucigalpa is at 14 degrees north latitude and 87 degrees west longitude (about in line with Birmingham, Alabama). Ken’s willingness to take time away from family and work to help those less fortunate is yet another example of the type of legendary employees we are lucky to have at Innovative-IDM.