OMRON CJ1G/CJ1H CPU Units will be Discontinued March 31, 2012;

DISCONTINUATION NOTICE: OMRON CJ1G/CJ1H CPU Units will be Discontinued March 31, 2012

Replace with CJ2M/CJ2H CPU Units
The CJ1G/H CPU units will be discontinued at the end of March 2012. Replacing them with CJ2M/CJ2H CPU units requires minor changes to the system design such as PLC programming, unit setting, and wiring. Please refer to P068-E1-01 Replacement Guide for more details regarding converting CJ1G to CJ2M controllers.

Omron will provide repair and maintenance service for seven years after product discontinuation.

Product Discontinuation and Recommended Replacement
CPU units
Discontinued model (CJ1x Series) Recommended model (CJ2 Series)
CJ1G-CPU42H       CJ2M-CPU12
CJ1G-CPU43H       CJ2M-CPU13
CJ1G-CPU44H       CJ2M-CPU14
CJ1G-CPU45H       CJ2M-CPU15
CJ1H-CPU65H       CJ2H-CPU65
CJ1H-CPU66H       CJ2H-CPU66
CJ1H-CPU67H       CJ2H-CPU67
Hand-held programming console cannot be used with CJ2 CPU units.

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