Memphis, You’re On! Customer Training Classes

Today was the first ever customer training class sponsored by Innovative-IDM in Memphis (picture below). Headed up by Mike Moore from I-IDM and Andy Steltman (machine safeguarding trainer from Omron STI), class started this morning at 8:30 and will go until 4:30.

Also going off today is Day 2 of pnuematics training at our Houston location. That electro-pneumatics class is being taught by the effervescent Raul Gonzalez of SMC, who trots the Western Hemisphere extolling the virtues and vices of pneumatics.

Congratulations to our customers for taking the time to invest in themselves through professional training.

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One Comment on “Memphis, You’re On! Customer Training Classes”

  1. mike mempho moore Says:

    Thanks to Pepper Hastings for setting this all up. I have a meeting tomorrow at Adlam Films(Tupleo, MS.) to aid in a Risk Assessment On a 200HP press that we sold the drive package to 2 months ago. This will entail a light curtain system, with us providing the service to set it up. Thanks again, Pepper. LEGENDARY

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