Customer Service: It’s easy to say, but can you walk the walk? We do everyday.

OK, this is really pulling back the curtains on Innovative-IDM’s Legendary Customer Service. Sure, there are the normal business metrics that help us track our service, but there also is “The LCS Score Sheet.” So, as you look at the score sheet below, it’s worth noting several things:

1. Every morning we assemble to recognize employees for acts of kindness and servitude toward customers and each other. It could have been staying late, handwriting a much-deserved thank you card, helping a fellow employee complete a project, finding a part late in the day, or making sure a finished product made it out the door TODAY (not tomorrow).

2. Each day, a different employee leads this recognition meeting. Employees are divided into teams. These teams compete to determine who is best at serving customers. Each act of service is recorded on the score sheet. Points are awarded, a scoreboard is kept, and the winning team for that month is awarded a team celebration lunch and a half day off.

3. Vanessa Adams was the scribe for this morning’s meeting. A couple of things are noteworthy and highlighted above: First, she used the word SODA, which is shorthand for “I’m a Midwesterner” (which is cool). Secondly, note Vanessa’s proper use of the word “ensure,” even though she was taking notes in a pressure situation and under the twirling distraction of party lights, upbeat tunes and a disco ball. Nice work from Vanessa, who works in accounting but spends most her time serving customers.


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One Comment on “Customer Service: It’s easy to say, but can you walk the walk? We do everyday.”

  1. Gene Gray Says:

    Great Blog Pep! Can you believe we get to do this at work? Awesome.

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