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Man in Rabbit Suit Leading Daily Meeting

June 21, 2011

Each morning, one of our employees leads our daily meeting. The meeting each day gives us an opportunity to recognize each other for exemplary acts of customer service and company improvements. Sam Hestand obviously took his day to lead to heart. That first command you hear is him asking the group, “BOOKINGS GOAL!?”

No, we don’t know why he’s in a rabbit suit, any more than we know why about this crazy moment in the lunchroom.  Or what about this? It’s just the way things roll at Innovative-IDM, the home of legendary customer service. And sometimes, it’s better just to not ask questions. Want to join our team?

Extruded Aluminum for Workstations, Machine Guarding, Machine Frames

June 16, 2011

Here at Innovative-IDM, we have our own extruded aluminum chop saw (below) and milling operation, so we can custom make or prep all of your extruded aluminum projects. Extruded aluminum has multiple industrial uses.

    • Hard Guarding for Machine Safety
    • Workstations
    • Machine Frames
    • Imperial Aluminum Extrusion Products
    • Metric Aluminum Extrusion Products
    • Design Software
    • Fasteners and Accessories

Parker IPS, or Industrial Profile Systems, produces versatile extruded aluminum framing products for building workstations, gantry systems, fixtures, and solutions for other industrial or commercial applications. IPS is a member of Parker Hannifin’s Automation Group. Call Innovative-IDM today at 877.906.2100 and we can show you how this product can work for your application.

Dirk. Why not Dirk? One of the good guys.

June 13, 2011

Customer Service With a Smile (and maybe a laugh)

June 8, 2011

When you call our customer service people at Innovative-IDM, one thing is for certain: You will be treated well. And at any given time, you could be connected to Rhonda Motte, who not only will treat you right but she will entertain you if you’re waiting on somebody else to get off the phone. See the above email I received yesterday. — ph

Donald’s Aerial High Wire Routine

June 7, 2011

Another Legendary Performance by Donald Poehl in our Field Service Department!  This job was Phase I of a project to replace the boom cable on the SMAG crane. If you have a problem at your plant that requires field service work, call Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100. We can help.

SMAG CraneSMAG CraneDonald Poehl

AC Drive Blows Fire Balls Out Back

June 7, 2011

Our repair depot in Houston has done repair work on nearly 10,000 different part numbers over the years, including many AC motor controllers. Sometimes, our customers try to do the maintenance themselves, with sometimes disastrous results. However, when you get notes like this from customers, you only can smile and be glad to help out. It reads, “Our cleaning help said it blew fire balls out the back when he sprayed it with cleaner.”

Glacier Movement in Stainless Steel Refrigerator

June 3, 2011

Glaciers occur in nature when the amount of ice and snow collected in an area begin to move because of pressure, weight and slope.

So what’s going on in the Innovative-IDM Dallas office refrigerator? How far will this massive glacial movement proceed unchecked?

Innovative-IDM is your source for Yaskawa Drives

June 1, 2011

Innovative-IDM sells more Yaskawa drives than anyone else in Texas or Oklahoma. We also can do your drive start-up as well as service or repair any Yaskawa drive — or any make of drive. IDM stands for Industrial Drive Maintenance. Need help with Yaskawa or any VFD? Call us at 877.906.2100.