Omron Discontinued Product Notices

Omron Discontinued Product Notices

Omron E3C-WE4/E3C-WH4F Photoelectric Sensor Amplifiers

Discontinued March 2010; Use E3C-JC4P Instead

Omron discontinued the large DIN track mounting amplifiers for E3C photoelectric sensors, models E3C-WE4 and E3C-WH4F, at the end of March 2010 due to reduced sales and streamlining of the product offering. For applications where an NPN transistor output is used, the E3C-JC4P is a suggested replacement. Applications that require PNP transistor output have no direct replacement in the E3C family. In this case review the application requirement and suggest an E3X family amplifier with PNP output combined with an E32-series fiber-optic sensing head. All technical info is here.

Covers E39-G8/E39-G10 will be Discontinued March 2012;
Used with Fiber-Optic Sensor Amplifiers E3X-NT/E3X-NH

The replacement covers E39-G8/E39-G10 for fiber-optic sensor amplifiers E3X-NT and E3X-NH will be discontinued end of March 2012. No replacement will be available. The sensor amplifiers were discontinued July 2010. ____________________

Yaskawa GL120 Series PLC

The following GL120 Series PLC modules and accessories will be discontinued effective June 20, 2011. The GL120 series I/O modules, power supply modules, mount bases, expander modules, and CP215 receiver module will continue to be produced because these can be utilized with other Yaskawa CP and MP series machine controllers. Complete info is here.

The GL120 Series PLC obsolescence is because of limited availability of internal components. The obsolete status means that customers will be supported with sales of new product while supplies last. Product repair will be available in as short as 1 day turnaround with a product exchange plan. The normal 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292) tech support, warranty and repair exchange support will be available for 10 years after the obsolescence while components are available to support these services.

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