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Legendary Customer Service Testimonial

November 30, 2010

El Jeffe Gene got this email today. Thought you might enjoy. The legendary man in question is Jesse Simental.

From: Louis XXXXXX []
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 5:02 PM
To: Gene Gray
Subject: Innovative’s Legendary Service

Mr. Gray,

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss your “Legendary Service”.

Here’s the scenario:

I called on a Wednesday to check stock on some items. I was told that all but one item was in your stock and the last item was factory stock. These parts were for a system that had to be completed the following Monday (an emergency replacement for a jail control system).

I had to go out of town on Thursday and could not do anything about the parts until Friday.

On Friday morning, I called to confirm that the parts were still available as originally stated, which they were, so I placed the order and felt good about the situation.

That afternoon, I went to your facility and met with Jesse to pick up my parts (all except for the one that needed to be shipped from the factory), but when I got there only two of the seven items could be found. Seems there was some “input error” in the inventory software, or something.

Here I am on Friday afternoon, knowing that it was too late for the east coast factory to ship the remaining five items, and trying to figure out how to provide a working system for our customer to pick up at 8:00 am on Tuesday. If we could just get the parts any time on Monday, we could make it happen, even if we had to work all night to do it.

Jesse apologized, explaining what had happened. I do understand that these things happen. First of all, I should have not waited until Friday afternoon to pick up such an important order. That in itself left no room for error.

Jesse, however, just looked at me, told me he could make it happen (even though it was several hours past the factory’s cut-off time), and politely asked me to go about my way so that he could get to work on it. I left your facility and drove back to the office.

Monday morning came and I really wanted to call Jesse to get an update. However, I didn’t, trusting that if there had been any further issues, he would have called me. Around 10:30 the UPS driver showed up with all of the remaining parts. We were able to complete the system that day and ended up with a very happy customer.

So, by Jesse having that type of attitude, he saved us. Good job, Jesse. And good job, Gene, for having employees who care…employees who don’t necessarily take the easy route. Innovative’s “Legendary Service”…it is REAL!

We have had other distributors try to get our business, but we always tell them that we enjoy a great relationship with Innovative and have no interest in changing.

Thanks again,

XXXXXXXXX & Automation

Innovative-IDM is Your Source for Parker IPS

November 15, 2010


Omron Discontinued Product Notices

November 2, 2010

Omron Discontinued Product Notices

Omron E3C-WE4/E3C-WH4F Photoelectric Sensor Amplifiers

Discontinued March 2010; Use E3C-JC4P Instead

Omron discontinued the large DIN track mounting amplifiers for E3C photoelectric sensors, models E3C-WE4 and E3C-WH4F, at the end of March 2010 due to reduced sales and streamlining of the product offering. For applications where an NPN transistor output is used, the E3C-JC4P is a suggested replacement. Applications that require PNP transistor output have no direct replacement in the E3C family. In this case review the application requirement and suggest an E3X family amplifier with PNP output combined with an E32-series fiber-optic sensing head. All technical info is here.

Covers E39-G8/E39-G10 will be Discontinued March 2012;
Used with Fiber-Optic Sensor Amplifiers E3X-NT/E3X-NH

The replacement covers E39-G8/E39-G10 for fiber-optic sensor amplifiers E3X-NT and E3X-NH will be discontinued end of March 2012. No replacement will be available. The sensor amplifiers were discontinued July 2010. ____________________

Yaskawa GL120 Series PLC

The following GL120 Series PLC modules and accessories will be discontinued effective June 20, 2011. The GL120 series I/O modules, power supply modules, mount bases, expander modules, and CP215 receiver module will continue to be produced because these can be utilized with other Yaskawa CP and MP series machine controllers. Complete info is here.

The GL120 Series PLC obsolescence is because of limited availability of internal components. The obsolete status means that customers will be supported with sales of new product while supplies last. Product repair will be available in as short as 1 day turnaround with a product exchange plan. The normal 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292) tech support, warranty and repair exchange support will be available for 10 years after the obsolescence while components are available to support these services.

Innovative-IDM, is Your Industrial Drive Maintenance Specialist

November 1, 2010

IDM, as in Innovative-IDM, is Your Industrial Drive Maintenance Specialist

The Yaskawa assembly plant in Illinois is probably one of the seven wonders of the industrial automation world. Know how many drives have left that plant defective? Let’s put it this way. Yaskawa has produced some 10 million-plus VFDs and they have a picture on a bulletin board of every one that left the plant defective. Probably around 80 out of 10 million.

Now, drives and their electronics do go bad from time to time because of heat, dust, water, grime and just old-age. And that’s where Industrial Drive Maintenance comes in — that’s right, IDM, as in Innovative-IDM.

When your good friends here at Innovative Automation purchased Omron Service Centers last month, they also acquired the famous IDM Controls legacy of field service and drive repair. In fact, Omron Service Centers (formerly IDM Controls) is the center of the world for drive and industrial component repairs. Our Houston repair depot can fix about anything, and our field service technicians can fix it right on your plant floor in seven states.

Call 800.395.4106 or 877.906.2100 to speak with an expert about your repair today, or you can call one of the local numbers in your area to get localized field service assistance.