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Reason #843 to Work at Innovative: Chapps Cheesburger

July 30, 2010

Lonnie and I made a quick lunch trip last week to Arlington to meet with a fellow marketing professional. I always thought Chapps in Arlington off of 360 and Green Oaks was a sports bar. Turns out, it’s a restaurant that serves dang good burgers. Here’s mine.

Customer service was great, too, just like WE like it.

WAGO I/O Training Today in Tulsa

July 29, 2010

Innovative Automation brought its WAGO I/O Training to Tulsa today. That’s roving instructor Marc Immordino from WAGO doing all the instruction. Our next Tulsa training event is the second week of August. We’ll offer pneumatics training from SMC’s head instructor, Raul Gonzalez.

Reason #31 to Work for Innovative: See the World

July 29, 2010

yaskawatripWell, maybe it isn’t the world, but it is Waukeegan, Ill., home of Yaskawa Electric USA.

Our sales and ASG people do lots of product training both here in Texas and at the manufacturers.

This photo of Pepper Hastings and Gene Gray was taken in Septmember 2008 during some marketing meetings with the good people at Yaskawa.

— ph

Yaskawa Inverter Drives from Innovative Automation

July 28, 2010

Ever heard of Yaskawa Electric? Chances are, you own an item that was manufactured using some of Yaskawa’s technology. Innovative Automation is a key distributor for Yaskawa products and can be reached at 877.906.2100.

Yaskawa products are used in manufacturing for  handling, packaging and lifting. They are used in industries such as semiconductors, cranes & hoists, textiles, machine tools/woodworking, HVAC/fans & pumps, food & beverages, lifts & escalators and the manufacture of motor vehicles.  Inverters are Yaskawa’s bell cow product.

Yaskawa produces inverters for specific applications or for general purposes. Their inverters include the following; the A1000, J1000, V1000, L7, E7, G7 and L1000 inverter drives. The company has factories in Japan, the United States and other countries.

The J1000 Inverter Drive

The J1000 inverter is an immensely economic inverter for general purposes. The drive has open loop vector control incorporating the most recently developed technology. This incredible motor control technology creates performance gains and greater flexibility. The J1000 inverter is available in both three and single phase with outputs starting at 0.2kW and going up to 5.5kW.

The V1000

The V1000 is another inverter for general purposes also having open loop vector control which uses the very latest motor control technology  with the same benefits as the J1000 inverter drive above. With outstanding speed control and incredible reliability the V1000 is available in three phase and single phase  with outputs from 0.18kW to 18.5kW.

The A1000

The A1000 inverter is available in both three and single phase  with outputs starting at 0.75kW and going up to 90kW.

The E7 Inverter

The E7 inverter drive is suitable for use in fans and pumps. The E7 inverter islow noise and features optimisations for HVAC functionality. The inverter drive is available in single phase and three phase with outputs starting at 0.55kW and going up to 300kW.

The G7 Inverter drive

The G7 inverter is popular general purpose drive. utilising 3 level this drive minimises problems relating to long cable runs. The inverter drive is available in single phase and three phase  with outputs starting at 0.4kW and going up to 300kW.

The L1000 and L7

The L7 and L1000 inverters are exclusively lift inverter drives with many features. They are available in three phase supplies only with outputs from 4kW to 110kW.

If you wish to learn more about Yaskawa inverters you need to contact Innovative Automation at 877.906.2100. They are a authorized distributor of Yaskawa inverters and servo products.

WAGO Training at Innovative HQ Tomorrow

July 26, 2010

We’ll have another full house here tomorrow for I/O Training. The training hits Tulsa on Thursday at Innovative’s Tulsa HQ, which happens to be the Embassy Suites on I-44.

We still have two seats left for each class. Call 877.906.2100 to register. We got a ton of stuff going on at Innovative Automation. Come join us.

OMRON E2E2 – 2-wire DC Proximity Sensor

July 23, 2010
OMRON E2E2 – 2-wire DC Proximity Sensor Threaded Nickel Plated Brass Long Barrel
  • Improved nickel-plated brass (NPB) barrel strength.
  • Up to 25% longer sensing range than CENELEC standards.
  • Built-in circuit and polarity protection.
  • Standard sizes: M12, M18 and M30.
  • Voltage range: 12-24 VDC; Output: NO and NC.
  • IP67, 1200 psi water washdown rated.
  • Legendary: Let’s Get It Started! (via Innovative Automation: Behind the Scenes)

    July 1, 2010

    Today is the two-year anniversary of our blog. Gene was out of town, and I was ready for forgiveness rather than permission. Good things sometimes start that way. Thanks for your support. — ph

    Legendary: Let's Get It Started! Well, here we go. The boss is out of town on vacation in Colorado, so let’s get this thing started. (Note: Texans vacation in Colorado and Colorado people vacation in Texas. Both claim their home states are the best.)  Welcome to Innovative Behind the Scenes, blog of Innovative Automation. Our Dallas-area company services the production automation industry — you know, conveyor belts, sensors, mechanical arms, cans being filled with spinach, bott … Read More

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