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Customer Service Stories of Greatness

April 15, 2010

Legendary Customer Service!

At Innovative, customer service is COMPETITIVE. We push each other internally to raise the bar on customer service. Sure, we have our winning team of employees. But, the real winner is YOU, our customer!

Did you know all Innovative employees are divided into four different internal teams? These teams compete monthly to see which team can help customers the most! The team that accumulates the most points for the month wins!

At 8:30 a.m. every workday, the entire Innovative team meets to share LEGENDARY acts from the previous day. Team members are recognized and earn points for helping customers, not in an average way but in a way that is LEGENDARY! At the end of each week, the one person who performed the most LEGENDARY act for the week is recognized.

Winners for March 2010 are . . .


Week 1: Michael wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

It was a day off for Innovative’s Michael Mueller , which probably meant some BBQ, skateboarding, snipe hunting . . . who knows? But our customer was having some problems with its control panel and Michael decided run on over and help get them fixed and up and running. Now, back to that BBQ.


Week 2: Tammy Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

Tammy Gray of Innovative’s accounting department always has a busy end of each quarter. In this particular week, Gray was able to turn extensive attention to our January financial reports which allowed the rest of us to serve customers and not chase numbers. Thanks Tammy, our customers appreciate that.


Week 3: Brad Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

The customer was hesitant to buy from Innovative, having not purchased a certain product from us prior. Customer service agent Brad Swift quickly gained the trust of the buyer by reassuring him about our fair terms and legendary customer service.


Week 4: Todd, Stephen and Gene Win! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

It took three of us to sort this one out, but at the end of the project, the customer’s experience with Innovative was top-notch, thanks to Todd Mueller, Stpehen Weatherly (Houston branch manager) and Gene Gray, our president. Yes, our president works with customers to make sure things are going the way they want. Imagine that at some other companies with which you might deal. LEGENDARY indeed..


Week 5: Jesse Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

Ever tried to chase down a UPS truck? Us too. This time, we couldn’t catch it, so Jesse Simental took the customer’s parts to the UPS store and dropped them off after hours so the customer would have what they needed the next day.