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Parker Aries and ACR9000 Delivered with EtherNet/IP

November 19, 2009

Now both the Aries and ACR9000 are delivered with EtherNet/IP communication. Innovative Automation carries a complete line of Aries and ACR9000 controllers. We can help you design your system, or we can turnkey the whole project from start to finish. Call us at 877.906.2100 or email us for prompt assistance at

Todd to Become a Dad

November 19, 2009

Innovative’s Todd Mueller will become a dad for the first time later this morning. There is no truth to the rumor that the baby will be named “SYSPRO”. Congratulations to Todd and Jennifer. It’s your big day.

Help Wanted: Production Manager

November 18, 2009

Production Manager – Contract Electrical Manufacturing

Innovative Automation needs an experienced production manager responsible for providing leadership, direction, and support of our production team. This is a full-time position with vacation, sick day and insurance benefits.

The strongest candidate will make sound decisions under pressure, possess a strong work ethic, maintain a professional demeanor and place customers’ needs first.  Previous experience in contract manufacturing and industrial control panel manufacturing a plus.


The production manager’s role is fast-paced, demanding and could require some weekend hours.

You will manage three full-time associates and a temp work force, and the coordination of people and materials. Train new employees.

You’ll supervise the production of finished goods and they will comply with company standards regarding on-time delivery, zero-defects, safety of operations, and efficiency and productivity.

You’ll ensure that goals, accountability, and results are consistently established, and understood, across the production team.

You’ll solve problems and improve processes.

Provide weekly reporting of key operating measures and prepare action plans to correct deficiencies.


College degree and 2 or more years of production management leadership preferred.

5 or more years of supervisory experience in the contract manufacturing industry a plus.

Will work in a dynamic, fast paced, time-sensitive environment and interact effectively with customers.

Has demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills, with the proven ability to train individuals with varying technical skills.
Will lead and motivate a team and work well across departmental lines.

Has proven production management experience & process improvement ability.
Has excellent computer skills, especially as they relate to production management, with experience in Office programs.

Preferably, has a working knowledge of UL508A, NFPA, and NEC standards


Yaskawa J7 On the Way Out

November 17, 2009

Just got this message from Yaskawa Drives:

Since the J1000 has now been on the market for over a year, we would like to ensure that you have already made the transition to J1000 from J7, or are taking steps to do so over the next several months.

As such, on March 1, 2010, all J7 drives and options will be discontinued; J7 lead times will be extended to 12 weeks on December 1, 2009.

Following is a list of the key events and dates:

  • J7 stock returns will no longer be accepted effective December 1, 2009
  • Effective December 1, 2009, published J7 lead times will be extended to 12 weeks; an expedite charge for air freight may be required for improved delivery times
  • J7 production will cease on March 1, 2010
  • Orders for standard J7 product will be freely accepted before March 1, 2010 (subject to availability); orders may be accepted after March 1, 2010 only if stock is available
  • Marketing documents (price book and flyers) will be discontinued March 1, 2010
  • There are no repairs or replacement parts for J7, see support table
  • Phone support will continue to be available, as it is for any legacy product
  • Bad Luck With Repairs for Servos, Motors, PLCs: We Can FIX It!

    November 13, 2009

    BadLuckJCFor the third time in 2009, it’s Friday the 13th.  You think you got bad luck dealing with repairs? Your luck JUST CHANGED.

    Once again, Innovative Automation is running a Friday the 13th Bad Luck Stimulus Package on electronic component repairs through tomorrow. The first Lucky 7 customers who book a repair pickup through today will receive a giant — and we mean ginormous — BAD LUCK BLACK golf umbrella to keep the sky from falling on their heads.

    We fix broken servos, overheated AC or DC drives, fried circuit boards, and fritzed  touch screens.

    Stop what you’re doing. Pick up the phone (or email and schedule a pickup. There is no evaluation charge. We tell you how much it will cost to repair or replace or trash your part.

    Be one of the Lucky 7 first responders and get a free GIANT black umbrella. Call to book your PICKUP now at 877.906.2100.

    Innovative Automation Expands to Rio Grand Valley

    November 12, 2009

    Innovative Automation last week expanded its personnel reach to the Texas Rio Grande Valley and Mexico by naming Frank Flores as account representative for the area.

    Flores, a 20-year veteran of the automation industry, is a resident of McAllen and has been serving the automation needs of factories in the Valley on both sides of the border for years. As a matter of fact, Flores and DFW sales manager Tim Mueller are in Mexico today calling on customers.

    Is your business in the Valley? Are you looking for an automation and motion supplier you can trust? Looking for a rep you can trust? Call Frank Flores at 877.906.2100 or email him at

    With expansion into the Valley, Innovative Automation now has representation in DFW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Tulsa and OKC.

    Thank You . . .

    November 11, 2009

    I never served, but I thank those who do whenever I can. I thank them at airport lounges and at cab stands. I see them at the State Fair wearing caps designating them from wars 60 years ago and I thank them; I see them at the mall or at baseball games wearing t-shirts or vests mentioning wars 30 years ago and I thank them.

    I thank my dad and my uncle. I thank my co-workers at Innovative Automation, Jesse and Gene and Lonnie, and maybe others who have served and I don’t know about it.

    A short story: On one of my visits to Pearl Harbor, I saw the park ranger about to drop the American flag at the end of the day. It was near the entrance/exit of the park, and a man wearing a cap designating him as a WWII veteran approached the Ranger.

    I was within an earshot as the veteran asked the ranger, “May I help you take down the flag?” To which the park ranger rigidly stood back from the flagpole and sternly said, “No sir you may not. But may I help you take down the flag, sir?” It was the ultimate show of respect from the younger park ranger. And the two finished the job together. — pepper hastings