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Innovative Named Omron STI Distributor for Texas, Okla.

September 29, 2009

Omron STI has named Innovative Automation as its new distributor in Texas and Okla. Innovative will carry a full line from the North America’s largest manufacturer of machine and process safeguarding equipment and technologies.

Omron STI manufactures light curtains, safety scanners, interlock switches, safety mats, programmable safety controllers, remote safety I/O assemblies, and many more safety products. STI also is the exclusive provider of Laser-Safe Press Brake Guarding technology.STIhome.jpg

“Omron STI and Innovative will be a good marriage,” says Gene Gray, president of Innovative Automation. “Safety has been a concern in plants and factories for a long time. But with more factories automating, the chance for accidents involving machines increases. This brings one of the largest automation and machine safety lines right into the lap of our customers. It’s another great opportunity to help them protect their machines and people.”

Omron STI is the second major line to tap Innovative’s distribution network in the past three months. In June, SMC pneumatics named Innovative its Premier Technology Distributor for Texas and Okla.

“A lot of top tier companies recognize the reputation that Innovative Automation enjoys in the marketplace and they are coming to us, wanting us to represent their lines,” says Gray. “That’s just a bigger plus for our current customers and future customers. More choices from one source.”

Is that Hard-Guard Adequately Protecting your Machine Operators?

September 28, 2009

Gotcha Stick – Safe Distance Scale for Machine Guarding
Gotcha Stick - Safe Distance Scale for Machine Guarding
Based on revised anthropometric data, the “Gotcha Stick” from STI is a three-segment safe distance scale used to verify that openings in machine hard-guards will not allow the point-of-operation to be accessed by the operator.

You can get a free “Gotcha Stick” when you attend the upcoming STI safety Skill Builder seminar, scheduled for Oct. 27 in DFW and Oct. 28 in Houston, both to be held at the Innovative Automation training centers. You register by calling 877.906.2100.

From the Mailbag . . .

September 25, 2009

Thank heavens we finally received this exciting offer today at We’ve been waiting on this offer for weeks.

《 從 開 發 至 投 產 全 面 項 目 管 理 》


課程價格:2580元/人(含 授 課 費 、資 料 費、會 務 費、午 餐 費 及 茶 點)

時間安排:9月25-26日 深圳


世界500強企業中,超過80%的企業運用項目管理 (Project Management Methodology) 的方法進
行企業運作管理 (包括 G.E, Flextronic, Motorola等),而中國的製造業,卻不到10%的企業瞭解項

▲產品開發週期長 (Prolonged R&D Cycle) 而失控,市場壓力下匆匆量產,生產不順,品質不穩
▲專案成本 (Confusing Costing Methods) 不清晰,成本控制難以下手,賺不賺錢難以界定
▲製造週期長,反應速度慢 (Long Lead Time, Low Reponses)
▲交貨不準時,客戶投訴多 (Late Delivery, Customer Complaints)







From Out of the North Comes a 20-year-old Alpha Gearbox

September 24, 2009

Wittenstein Gearbox Still Turning After 20 Years

The alpha gearbox had been turning equipment for 20 years, but it was time for an upgrade.

Wittenstein’s systems integrators received a call from a customer asking about updating the gearboxes on their machines. The customer, from Canada, purchased the new alpha SP+ and sent in the old gearboxes to its distributor.Upon further inspection, the gearbox was one of the original Wittenstein products…and in remarkable condition, according to Wittenstein. The gearbox (pictured left) had been turning machines for nearly 20 years with precision in motion.

Wittenstein is looking for other old gearboxes that still are turning. What’s your story? Send it to
Innovative Automation can help you with any of your gearbox applications using alpha/Wittenstein gearboxes. Call us at 877.906.2100 or email for prompt assistance.

Parker Xpress on Display at Pack Expo

September 23, 2009

Parker is headed to Pack Expo October 5-7. Make sure to check out its booth in Las Vegas.


ABB HUGE Event in Cowboys Stadium — Innovative Customers are Invited to Attend

September 16, 2009

Spend Nov. 5 in Cowboys Stadium at ABB Low Voltage Products Road Show

ABB, arguably one of the biggest companies in the world, is bringing is Low Voltage product Road Show to the giant Cowboys Stadium, Nov. 4 and 5. Past shows have been held in Gillete Stadium near Boston and on board of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif.

Customer day is Nov. 5, a Thursday. The show is open to all Innovative Automation customers at this special registration site. The day's agenda is here.
Road Show attendees will:
  • Learn how to significantly reduce the cost of design, manufacturing and testing of electrical panels
  • Discover how to optimize your machine performance with innovative technologies such as drives and wireless sensor technology
  • Learn how to reduce energy bills by leveraging new drives capabilities
  • See how to nearly eliminate wiring errors
  • Find out how to easily size your drives and motors
  • Hear how to meet global electrical standards required by your international customers
  • Meet with ABB product and solution experts
  • Gain hands-on familiarity with the entire portfolio of ABB’s Low Voltage Drives, Control, Motors, Robotics and Instrumentation Products and Systems
  • Speak with your peers and learn from their successes and challenges

A Warrior’s Death for the HP Color Printer

September 15, 2009

It was almost sad at times. This printer, which had given so much of itself to Innovative Automation‘s growth over the past 9+ years….but it just didnt’ seem right to toss it in the dumpster like so much other daily refuse. This HP printer deserved a warrior’s death, a violent yet swift execution befitting of a soldier who had given it his all only to lose the battle in the end.

IT Director Kenneth Skillett performed the ceremonial execution. Less than 20 minutes later, according to witnesses, the HP color printer carcass was stolen by dumpster divers and hauled off in what was described as “a puff of yellow, blue and red toner cartridge ink cloud,” following the grave robber’s vehicle.

SMC Fittings Sample Kit

September 14, 2009

If you’d like one of these cool SMC demo kits, with all sorts of fittings and tubing and specs, shoot us an email at and we’ll put one into your hands.


Beanie Wienies

September 14, 2009

We break up into teams each month and compete internally to see which team can serve customers the most LEGENDARY. The winning team each month wins the LCS (Legendary Customer Service) Cup and gets a free day off from work the following month. Each team is allowed to pick its own name. A few months ago, Michael Mueller named his team Beanie Wienies. Yesterday, he fixed aforementioned foodstuff for lunch and shared this photo.

Show of Respect

September 11, 2009