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Fair Park Geyser Draws Attention from Freeway, Helicopter

August 21, 2009

Innovative’s Adam Ring and Jason Scott were over at the Dallas Fair Park fountain project earlier in the week when the crew fired up the giant geyser, which reaches an estimated 40-50 feet. Plan is to have this project done in time for State Fair of Texas, but with all of the rain this summer, it will be cutting it close.

geyserThis particular fountain has more than 240 individual jets powered by 22 seperate 50HP pumps. The geyser has four jets each powered by its own 20HP pump. When finished, State Fair spectators will be treated to a fountain display that is choreographed to tantalizing music scores, preferrably some John Philip Sousa tunes.

Innovative Automation built all of the control panels for the project at its UL508A control panel electrical shop.

When the geyser fired up, it was visible from nearby I-30 and drew the interest of a traffic/news helicopter in the area, who might have though it was a catastrophic water main break.

If Lucy Had a Yaskawa VFD, This (Episode) Wouldn’t Have Happened

August 11, 2009

Because a Yaskawa VFD would have allowed the operators of the candy factory to slow down or even reverse the conveyor belt. Instead, they were probably running an old DC motor with in-rush current starts and stops and draining their electricity use. Does this sound like you?

I, for one, am extremely happy they DID NOT have VFDs in the 1950s — lest we’d have never had this classic episode of I Love Lucy, which was bad luck for Lucy and Ethel.

Value Added Services Are On Time All the Time

August 7, 2009

Our UL508A control panel shop is ready to take on your work, too. July was a record month for our shop as customers big and small trust Innovative Automation’s value added services department with their projects. In fact, there has not been one mistake made on a job since mid-March.

We are 98.6% on time and 99.7% accurate on our projects. Isn’t that the kind of people you want working on your project?

The guys recently reworked their work area to give it a different feel. Check it out.



August 6, 2009

Why is there a crown in the Innovative Automation kitchen trash can?


We Will Come to Serve Customers, No Matter Where

August 3, 2009

Innovative’s Lonnie Muse returned from Mexico Saturday after helping a customer repair a pipe winder. The week before that, he was in Oklahoma helping get a customer up and running.

Last Thursday, Innovative’s Jason Scott and Brad Swift donned their waders and traveled to Dallas Fair Park after a morning thunderstorm flooded some our of customer’s underground equipment vaults. Jason and Brad helped the fountain operators get back up and running. That’s Jason with his hands in the control panel below.

Does your business require field service? We’ve been everywhere from Oak Cliff, Texas, to Southeast Asia for our customers. We can do the same for you. Try Innovative’s LEGENDARY customer service today. Call 877.906.2100 or email