Legendary Customer Service vs. Bad Customer Service: Fight of the Decade.

This one falls right in there with El Pollo Loco and Lonnie the Scottsman or even the fictional May Day Meeting as one of the more ridiculous yet entertaining morning hoopla meeting at Innovative Automation.


Each employee leads the morning meeting once a month, and we discuss — sometimes in absurd methods — how we can better treat customers with LEGENDARY customer service. Today was Mike Davila’s day.

In a blatant attempt to win “Best Host of the Month” and thus earn a day off, Davila showed up dressed in the traditional costume depicting the well-known character of “Legendary Customer Service” (looking like a cross between Hulk Hogan and Dog the Bounty Hunter). In this riveting photo, you can see Kara L’Huillier and Todd Mueller trying to make sense of it all.rassle1

Naturally, “Legendary Customer Service” was later attacked and mugged by “Bad Customer Service” who, of course, was dressed in black and played by Chris Coler. And naturally, “Legendary Customer Service” prevailed. Wow.


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2 Comments on “Legendary Customer Service vs. Bad Customer Service: Fight of the Decade.”

  1. Gene Gray Says:

    WOW! What a fun start to the day and a great finish to the week. Looks like I’ve missed an awesome hoopla. LEGENDARY! Chooo Chooo!

  2. Chris Coler Says:

    It looks like the student has now become the master. I’ll be having to step up my “A” Game for next month because even with three Best Host Championship Titles around my waist I cannot top what Mike has done here today. Congrats Mr. Hogan, I mean, Mike.

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