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Medtronic! That’s LEGENDARY!!

June 25, 2009

medtronicsMedtronic’s John Schindhelm looks on while teammate Andy Nguyen hoists the Legendary Customer Service Cup after attending the OMRON vision workshop at Innovative Automation in Carrollton yesterday.  Day 2 of the workshop is today.

Innovative Automation is the home of LEGENDARY customer service and the employees literally compete on a daily basis to see who can positively impact and touch customers each day. Employees are divided into teams that engage in friendly competition — the winner at the end of the month is rewarded with their team name and individual name on the cup, AND a day off!

Who wins? Customers. What drives Innovative? CUSTOMERS! Try us at or call 877.906.2100 and experience LEGENDARY customer service for yourself.

Omron Vision Workshop Day 1

June 24, 2009

omronvision1If you’re coming on Day 2, bring your application. We solved a bunch of them here today.

Best Damn Demo Ever of Yaskawa MP2300Siec, from Innovative Automation

June 23, 2009

The title speaks for itself, and so does Innovative Automation’s Jack Marsh, from our Houston office. Good stuff, one take. Legendary.

Cowboys Stadium on the Way to Legendary Service Call

June 22, 2009

mikeburger3Michael Mueller, one of our account managers who services Arlington and Ft. Worth was over visting the good people at Siemens.

Michael sent these photos from lunch today. In the background is the new Cowboys Stadium, where Innovative built some of the control panels for the giant landscape fountains.



SMC Pneumatics in Texas and Oklahoma: A Message from the President

June 19, 2009

Newsletters, Fathers and Character

June 19, 2009

Email newsletters with compelling content are a easy source of quick information. The Innovative Automation monthly newsletter is a nice quick read for anyone in the automation or motion business.

One of our favorite newsletters is Michael Josephson’s Character Counts, which espouses ethics in business, sports and life. I have borrowed a post from Josephson’s Web site in honor of Father’s Day. If you’re a father, you’ll understand. Enjoy.

SPECIAL BONUS COMMENTARY: Father or Friend? 623.6

As Father’s Day approaches, I want to share an edited version of a father’s letter to his son sent to me years ago by a listener named Sergio Ferreira.

Dear Son,
When I was a teenager I wished, just as you do now, that my dad could be my best friend. However, it wasn’t until my time to be a father when I understood why my wish would never come true.

There is the big difference between a friend’s role and father’s role.

A father must provide his son constant love, economic subsistence, and an education. He must also protect and guide him, set a good example, and instill in him ethical and moral values so he may become a more responsible, self-sufficient, and compassionate human being.

A father who tries to be a best friend can’t be a real father. To be a friend is voluntary. It’s an option. To be a father is a privilege, but above all it’s a moral obligation.

My duty as a father is to give you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

When you were born, God gave me a blessing that has brought me great happiness. At the same time, he gave me a difficult mission – to be responsible for your moral development and well-being.

Some day you’ll understand the meaning of this letter. It will be one of the happiest days of your life – when you hold your first child in your arms. From that moment on, you’ll understand that being a real father is much more important than being a friend.

This is Michael Josephson wishing all fathers and their children a glorious day of mutual appreciation and understanding love.

Omron Vision Workshop Now Half Price

June 18, 2009

Omron-Vision2New low price. Same great workshop and training. Omron and Innovative are now co-oppping the event.

What are you waiting for?

Reason #61 to Work at Innovative: Competitive Eating in the Lunchroom

June 17, 2009

Innovative’s Chris Coler may not be Eater X or Joey Chestnut, but he should enter some local eating contests and maybe even join IFOCE.

Automated Quoting System

June 16, 2009


When you call Innovative Automation for a quote, you will normally receive an automated quote (like the one shown here) you can read on your computer or phone. It’s automatic, it’s innovative and it’s all a part of what it’s like to deal with the home of LEGENDARY customer service.

Email us for a quote today at and try us yourself. You will be amazed.

Competitive Eating

June 12, 2009

Chris just ate two fully-loaded Chipotle burritos in 10 minutes in the Innovative lunchroom. Not exactly Tim Janus or Joey Chestnut, but pretty decent for an amatuer. Why he did it, we don’t know yet. Video to come.