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The Very First Web Site Address (URL)

March 31, 2009

Just in case this comes up on a bet, game show or truth-or-dare.

The very first Web site address was

If you need to find Innovative Automation, home of LEGENDARY customer service and your source for industrial automation products, UL508A control panel manufacturing, custom cable building, 24/7 field service or any electrical component repair, you can find us at or email us at

BTW, that first site looked something like this:


Factory Orders Up 3.4 Percent in February

March 30, 2009

The Associated Press reported that orders to U.S. factories for big-ticket manufactured goods unexpectedly rose in February after a record six straight declines.

The Commerce Department said Wednesday that orders for durable goods – manufactured products expected to last at least three years – increased 3.4 percent last month, much better than the 2 percent fall economists expected. It was the first advance since July and the strongest one-month gain in 14 months.

Demand for machinery, computers and fabricated metal products rose, but orders for military aircraft and parts led the way and shot up 32.4 percent

Still, reports the AP, the rebound may be temporary given all the problems facing the economy, and a large drop in orders in January was revised even lower. Read the whole story here.


Saturday Cat Post

March 28, 2009

misskitty1We do some decent traffic on this blog during the work week. But on weekends, you can hear the crickets chirping.

So, I figure what the heck, I’ll start throwing up photos of my cats on the weekend. Here’s one of Fur taken in my garage last night. Fur like to call pitches from the bucket.

Send me a photo of your cat to and I’ll throw it up here one weekend. Make sure to include the cat’s name and what makes that feline special. — Pepper Hastings

Cool Gadget Sneek Peek: Wittenstein Ternary Actuator

March 27, 2009

We shot this video yesterday afternoon. It will be on sometime next week and also will go out in our monthly newsletter, but readers of Behind the Scenes get first look at our Cool Gadget demo of the Ternary Actuator from Wittenstein. You can see all of our videos here.

ATT Phone Book/Bill

March 26, 2009

phone-bill1Our IT director, Ken Skillett, thought he received some demo software in the mail today. Instead, it was our mobile phone book bill.

If you call us about process or factory automation products or solutions, UL508A control panel applications, electrical component repairs, or instructions on how to read a 242-page phone bill, we’ll call you back promptly, and here’s the proof.

877.906.2100 or or

Control Panel and Foam Pumping

March 25, 2009

concretefoamHere’s an idea that our contract maufacturing area brought to life. The customer had plans for a machine that, among other things, pumped foam for various applications. They had the plans, we helped them further develop those plans and identify the pitfalls and the areas that were dead on.

The result is this beautfully wired control panel with accompanying pumps and hoses. This was the first one we built and have since built several others and have more in the back shop in production.

For a complete rundown of our UL508A panel shop capabilities, you can go here. We can help your ideas come true, too.

Innovative Wants your REPAIRS!

March 24, 2009

Nobody wants to be the person in charge of repairs. Broken servos, overheated AC or DC drives, fried circuit boards, fritzed touchscreens.

It’s a hassle. Where do I take it? How much will it cost? Where will I find the time?

Innovative’s electrical component repair service is so easy, you hardly do anything. Gather your items, call us for a pickup, and then decide — based on information we provide — to fix the item, replace it, or trash it.

And you’re now on to the next thing in your life. See just how easy it is for Innovative to solve your repair problems.

Legendary Service Means New Customers, Even Now

March 23, 2009


Bad economy? Yes. But we’ve been rocking out the new customer list this month, and we proudly display them on board in HQ. Legendary customer service has never heard of a recession. We want your business. When you’re ready to join up and be on the good end of customer service, call us at 877.906.2100 or email

Yaskawa Value-Add Moving This Weekend

March 20, 2009

Yaskawa Electric’s value-add facility is loading up this weekend and moving across the Milwaulkee metro area.

The Yaskawa Value-Add facility is moving from New Berlin, Wis. to Oak Creek, Wis. and relocation will be complete Monday.

The new facility will accommodate manufacturing, development, building automation, and marketing for Yaskawa Electric America. The Oak Creek facility will enable Yaskawa to meet the business plan of continual growth to ensure success.

New address is 150 West Oakwood Road – Oak Creek, Wis. 53154

New Look Coming to

March 19, 2009



It’s still a few weeks away, but our customers will be excited to learn about some of the cool things they can do on our upcoming new Web site. Here’s a non-linkable sneak peek at the home page (subject to change).

All of our key vendors, including Parker, Yaskawa Drives, Yaskawa Motion, WAGO and Wittenstein (alpha gearbox) will have a nice presence.

Pay no attention to those guys at the bottom of the page. That’s a placeholder photo.