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Putting the Faces to the Voices

February 27, 2009

mavsgameChances are, if you call us at Innovative at 877.906.2100, you’ll talk to either Jesse Simental or Todd Mueller in our customer service department, deemed LEGENDARY by both friend and foe alike.

From time to time, they are allowed out of the office. Fulfillment pro Saul Saucado (left) along with Jesse and Todd took a field trip to watch the Mavs scorch the Bucs Wednesday night at AA Center, 116-96. Klent Prewitt, he of legendary sales prowess, took the photo.

Looks like decent seats. Was it Hat Night and if so, did Todd miss the freebie line?

Arc Specialties: One of the good guys in Houston

February 26, 2009


One of our customers, Arc Specialties, orgainizes a blood drive every year and encourages employees and associates to be blood donors for life. Yesterday, Innovative’s Jack Marsh and Stephen Weatherly chipped in a pint of their own.

Weatherley is shown here just before drinking his orange juice from his offcial Innovative Sippy Cup.

Thanks to Arc Specialties being one of the LEGENDARY good guys in Houston commerce.

alpha Planetary Gearheads

February 25, 2009

p1-gearboxesalpha introduced the world’s first high speed inline planetary gear reducer and continues to create groundbreaking inline solutions.

From the compact precision of the TP+ to the economical performance of the LP+ and the classic solution of the SP+, alpha has an inline planetary solution for your needs – be it off-the-shelf or custom engineered. The newest addition to the inline series is the alphira™ – the basic precision.

Fast, flexible and efficient. Packaged in a lightweight case, alphira™ is precise, power-dense and maintenance-free. Innovative provides a total line of alpha gearboxes to key customers throughout Texas. Call us at 877.906.2100 today to see how we can put the Cadillac of gearboxes into your applications.

The Job Nobody Wants

February 24, 2009

Nobody wants to be the guy in charge of repairs. Broken drives, servos, custom boards, steppers, touchscreens.

It’s a hassle. Where do I take it? How much will it cost? Where will I find the time?

Innovative’s electrical component repair service is so easy, you hardly do anything. Gather your items, call us for a pickup, and then decide — based on information we provide — to fix the item, replace it, or trash it.

And you’re now on to the next thing in your life.

Connect With Your Future on Innovative’s Linkedin Group

February 23, 2009

Connect with Innovative Automation on our Linkedin page<and build your professional automation field. You can’t afford not to be connected.

If you’re already a Linkedin member, just log in. If you’re not, why not? 35 million other professionals can’t be wrong.

Innovative wants to know: Who will be our first 100 connections?

Innovative Thrashers

February 20, 2009

skate1Somebody’s been working overtime in the shop. As you can see, everyone here thinks about branding and customer service, even when building skateboard ramps.

We’ll get back to more of this on a later date.

Reason #102 to Work at Innovative: Decorative Decanters

February 19, 2009

meeting2Ask us for a quote on a project and we’ll turn it around quick. We just completed one and won a job to help with a major water fountain project at a City of Dallas landmark facility.

Also, when we actually work on quotes, we have lavish wine decanters and blue, plastic roses present for inspiration, like Innovative’s Tim Mueller, Adam Ring and Gene Gray did in this promotional photo from 2006.

At our Houston office, the guys huddle around yellow roses but use the same decorative decanters when doing quotes.