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Dear Adam, We are Sorry But. . .

December 31, 2008

….but we took advantage of your absence and threw lots and lots and lots of stuff away today. Try not to think about it.



Want Good Luck in 2009? Don’t Take Any Chances Tomorrow.

December 31, 2008


We could all use a little good luck, don’t you think, in 2009. So why take chances — eat your blackeyed peas, greens and cornbreak on Jan. 1 to make sure.

Open the Doors and Air This Place Out

December 30, 2008


Mike cooked his oatmeal for 10 minutes instead of 60 seconds. The result is smoke and stink at Innovative HQ. Good thing it’s 74 degrees and sunny at the moment . . .

Bush, The Shoe Ducker, Keeps Business Booming for Turkish Cobbler

December 30, 2008

Would someone please throw a Yaskawa VFD or a Parker extrusion piece at George Bush or Barrack Obama the next time you see one of them? It might help business.

Wave if You See Saul on I-635

December 29, 2008

turcksignThat’s Saul who drives the Innovative delivery truck taking parts from here to there. Or, it could be Britt heading to Kroger to pick up refreshments for a onsite training session. Next training session is in Houston, Yaskawa Drives Road Show rolls in Feb. 20 and 23.

Strange . . .

December 26, 2008

santajesus1How do things like this make it to market?

Happy Birthday

December 25, 2008


Our best to you and your families.

Working to Make Deadline

December 24, 2008

shopcevesmTaking off of work on Christmas Eve day is for wimps. Our shop is rocking this morning. Did you know that 99%+ of our shop projects are delivered on time? For more on that subject, go here.

The two guys in front are wiring up some building security devices. Lonnie is back there constructing some machine racks for document counting and scnanning devices. The jobs are for different customers.

WAGO Cage Clamps: Why They Work So Well

December 23, 2008

Torque-Controlled Screwdrivers Keep Control Panels Consistent

December 22, 2008

dsc_0116We construct UL508A panels in our shop. Shown here is Brad using a torque-controlled screwdriver on a job. The screwdrivers ensure that the first piece of hardware of the job is the same tight fit as the last screw that’s driven.

We just finished and informational brochure on our Value Added Services Department, which feature some incredible before and after photos of some panel jobs we’ve done.