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What Happens in Dallas, Stays in Dallas . . . Or Does It?

September 19, 2008

Pancho and Jesus, Omron’s wacky thrill-seekers, try to short-circuit an Omron industrial power supply among other shennanigans in this three-minute vid.

Both were at IA HQ recently for an Omron PLC training class. This is the alternate version of Cool Gadgets: Omron S8VS Industrial Power Supply. If you would like to put on a starched shirt and necktie, check out the “official version”.

Hey Michael, Say ‘Cheese’ . . .

September 19, 2008

One of the best control panel builders in the business, Michael Mueller’s day job is customer service rep/bbq chef/heavy metal dj/automation consultant. At night, when he needs to build panels in the shop, he is all business . . . until you pull out a camera. Legendary stuff.

Innovative Automation builds new and retrofits old control panels of any size — small boxes and ones so big they need their own air conditioning system. What can we build for you?

Houston – Why Help? – It’s simply the right thing to do

September 18, 2008

Friends, Family and Fellow Americans,

Can everyone really help after a hurricane?  I think yes.  

Innovative is pledging 5 percent of all Houston store orders to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. That means your order from Innovative-Houston from now until the end of 2008 will aid the Gulf Coast recovery effort. 

Other than some roof leaks, our Houston office survived.  Others in the area aren’t as fortunate.  In fact, two of our Houston employees, Stephen and Jack, still are with relatives a week after Ike; their Friendswood homes without power or water. 

Innovative will make a minimum $5,000 donation to Red Cross regardless. Redirecting 5 percent of our customer orders to charity may not be a huge amount, but by God we can all be proud that we did something

Why?  Because we can.  Innovative isn’t a big company, but America is made strong by us little guys!

Our prayers and support go out to all those who find themselves rebuilding. 

I realize charity is a personal choice, and there are several legitimate, charitable organizations besides the Red Cross helping victims. Please consider the option presented below as just one of many ways you can quickly help.


Gene Gray, President,

Gulf Hurricane Victims Need Help; Consider Donating

September 17, 2008

We met with El Jeffe this morning. He wants to donate 5 percent of our Houston store revenue for the rest of 2008 to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief effort. Right now, we are figuring out how to implement that plan.

In the meantime, consider donating yourself. The email blast you see here was designed by Britt and will go to all of our customer contacts either today or tomorrow.

We realize charity is a personal choice, and there are several other credible relief agencies working to help hurricane victims as well. Thanks.

Hurricane Prep Kit

September 12, 2008
Hurricane Prep Kit

Hurricane Prep Kit

I believe in always being prepared, so I made myself a hurricane kit. As you can see I’ve only included the utmost essential items water, flashlight, freebirds burrito, cell phone, 24pack of beer and my Parker Hannifin ET cylinder.

This is a picture from out side my window facing south. I’ll be uploading pictures as the day goes along.



Could Be a Rough Weekend for Houston, Dallas

September 12, 2008

Just talked with Nick Roeder, one of our Houston sales guys. He was going to drive to Galveston this morning to watch the waves rise but that city now is under water. Nick says his apartment in the Medical District is on the fourth floor but has giant windows all across the front. Says he might be sleeping in the hallway tonight, when Ike is supposed to hit Houston around 1 a.m. Saturday.

Stephen Weatherley, IA’s Houston sales manager, lives further south and he and his family hit the road north yesterday — good thing, since his area was evacuated this morning. Jack Marsh, our ASG tech in Houston, faced mandatory evacuation this morning from his Clear Lake home. As of this morning, Jack and his family are staying with relatives on Houston’s north side.

Hurricane Ike will become a tropical storm Saturday afternoon after landfall and will bear down on Dallas and North Texas Saturday night.

September 11

September 11, 2008