I Want This, I Need This . . .

Todd Mueller, IA veteran, still has not had his name engraved on our Legendary Customer Service cup. The trophy is awarded each month to the employee team that earns the most customer service points for the month.

Not that Todd hasn’t pulled off some Legendary acts of his own — hey, he’s the manager of our Customer Service Department. He spends all day atop Mount Legendary.

He’s just been on teams that haven’t quite broken through to win since the Cup was incepted in April 2008. Like Ernie Banks, Mueller’s a Hall of Fame player with no titles to his credit. September, however, could be the breakthrough month. He’s on my team; how can I help him get there?

Oh, did I mention that the Cup winners get half a day off from work as an additional reward? — ph

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2 Comments on “I Want This, I Need This . . .”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Ernie Banks?? try Gino Petralli..lol. i don’t think that Todd could spell legendary.

  2. Michael Says:

    Not a chance!! Team Electrolytes all the way!!!! Todd needs to be on my team and then he can get his name on the cup. Maybe next month. Who knows!

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